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Elevating Diageo India’s Brand Culture and
Employee Engagement

Innovative approaches and targeted promotions drive exceptional results

We have a credible track record of success in enabling our clients to improve their internal
communication and further establish employee value propositions. 


Associated with Diageo India for over 4 years, we have been instrumental in driving these efforts at ground level. 

On LinkedIn, we have been successful in increasing Diageo India’s LinkedIn Page’s metrics organically, through our expertise in building and executing effective content calendars and exploring new content formats. Our experience in employer branding has allowed us to showcase Diageo India as a preferred employer brand through organic content. We are confident that we can offer similar value to more organisations wanting to improve their internal communication and employer branding efforts. 

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Ignacio Eceiza

Head of Digital Skills Center, Euralis


 Engagement Rate
*Sept 2021- 2022

Linkedin Live

 March 2022

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